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Listen to the most inspiring stories of immigrants with host Bassey Simon, entrepreneur and founder of The Nadvigators Podcast (TNP). Each week, The Nadvigators Podcast brings fresh perspectives about living the American dream from modern American immigrants who share their experiences and unique paths to success.

The Nadvigators Podcast aims to preserve the many untold stories of resilience and triumphs that do not make daily news for future generations. Some stories will make you laugh, cry, or inspire and motivate as you get a glimpse into the lives of the modern American explorers that I will be honored to host. But, ultimately, The Nadvigators Podcast stories are presented with one object in mind: helping you navigate your American dream, whatever that dream may be.

Did you come here to escape persecution, or, as a tourist, to find America a better place, and you pitched your tent? Did you come here for employment, or did you make a conscious decision to just relocate to this new land? Whatever the case may be, you have a story. Something that drove your decision are you ready to tell or to hear from the experience of others?

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ep13: Liliana Rogers jumped from an airplane in June 2017 to conquer her fear of heights that paralyzed her for over 25 years.”

Liliana Rogers jumped from an airplane in June 2017 to conquer her fear of heights that paralyzed her for over 25 years. Born in Columbia to a middle-class family. Was always eager to travel the world since she was a little girl. Her opportunity came when she was offered an HB1 visa to work as a Software Engineer with a Texas company. Although that line of work was great, she always knew she could be more.

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