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None of us is as smart as All of Us

Ken Blanchard

One Minute Manager

Welcome to The Nadvigators Podcast Platform

I'm Bassey Simon, the curator of stories on The Nadvigators Podcast... a platform dedicated to preserving the inspiring Nadvigating stories of recent immigrants: the modern American Explorers, and for knowledge and resource sharing to help new immigrants to fast track their Nadvigating journey to success. 

Ten years ago I started to wonder why there were no resources available to help new immigrants through their transition from their home countries to the United States.

I kept hoping that someone would step up and change that because when new immigrants arrive, at least a good number of us, myself included, we really don’t have any frame of reference besides our immediate families. We don’t receive instructions from any government agency that gives us ideas of where to start, what works, what doesn’t work, or a road map of things we should be doing or not doing in order to achieve that success.

So we just land with a briefcase, which is what most of us have, really our only asset because it contains all of our lives at that moment, our education dossiers, a few currency leftovers from our country of birth. One or two contact numbers and a long list of relatives and friends we left behind that we promised to get back to as soon as dollars started flowing. That’s it. That’s all we’ve got…