e10: Dr. Hector Grajeda

An episode of The Nadvigators Podcast with Bassey Simon | Inspiring Stories of recent Immigrants - The Modern American Explorers share their American Journey & Experiences to inspire you to find your own path to Success and living the American Dream!

e10: Dr. Hector Grajeda recommends Nadvigators “Make every effort to be educated about, and find channels of integration in order to take full advantage of your new country.”

Part 2 – Dr. Hector Grajeda he shares his nadvigating journey with host Bassey Simon. 

Dr. Hector Grajeda was frustrated with the inability to obtain medical residency in a mainland American hospital after graduating from medical school in Mexico. His opportunity came from a Puerto Rico Hospital that he’s never heard about.

In this episode, I bring you the the concluding part of Dr. Hector Grajeda inspiring story.

This Episode Summary

Dr. Grajeda continues his story, explaining how he had planned to specialize in hematology, but once he learned the need in America was for Primary care physicians, he changed course again.
He shares the trials and blessings involved in changing direction once more. He also explains how being members of his church meant his family always had a community with people who cared for them no matter where they went.
On what to change about his native country Mexico, Dr. Grajeda said
“If there was a way to get rid of corruption, and promote honesty. People lack things and people focus so much on what they lack. Teach the children to be happy. We faced many difficulties on our journey, but we had so much joy. We need to be happy. We need to change our way of thinking.”
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Resources Mentioned in Episode 10:

  • Residency Requirements for International Medical Graduates (IMG) – This resources gives IMGs a detailed step by step instruction on what to do to obtain medical residency in the United States. Includes list of  Medical Schools Accepted to American Medical Examination Baord. If you graduated from medical school in your country, and want to practice in practice in the USA. Start with this resource. 

Major Take-Away from Episode 10:

“Tough times can be wonderful. They don’t have to be bitter, and don’t use your credit to help somebody else.” – @dr.hectorgrajeda
  • Life can change in a moment. Work can change in a moment. Be a better person every day.
  • Find out what you want to do. Find out what you need to do to get it. Then, do it.
  • Not knowing has a cost. so be educated about your new community.
  • God is number 1. You must give God His place in your life. Teach that to your children.
  • When it’s time to work, you must work hard and be honest.
  • One reliable place to get great information is on the resources section of

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