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e12: Keep Moving, Never Look Back! Use the past to go forward not like a crush to fall behind.”

An episode of The Nadvigators Podcast with Bassey Simon | Inspiring Stories of recent Immigrants - The Modern American Explorers share their American Journey & Experiences to inspire you to find your own path to Success and living the American Dream!

e12: Keep Moving, Never Look Back! Use the past to go forward not like a crush to fall behind.”

Part 2 – Dr. William Undie shares his nadvigating journey with host Bassey Simon. 

This professor of Radio Oncology never believed he was too good for any job and spent time as a pizza delivery man, a construction worker, and even a dishwasher at a restaurant. Certainly, his own children find it hard to believe, but Dr. Undie has never considered any job to be beneath him. That is the nature of the journey.

In this episode, I bring you the first part of Dr. William Undie inspiring story.

This Episode Summary

Dr. Undie credits his parents with instilling in him the importance of education, hard work and integrity. These are values he has sought to teach his children as well. He also discusses the difference in cultural norms. He shares some of the cultural behaviors he himself had to unlearn, such as avoiding eye contact. While this is accepted as  a sign of respect in Nigeria, it is interpreted as being devious in the United States. This is just one example of things many Nadvigators need to consider when striving to fully integrate into their new environment. He concludes that cultural variations aren’t bad. It is important to adapt to the social norms of your adopted country, though you still reserve the right to reject any attitudes that may be in conflict with your personal beliefs

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He continues to say that he doesn’t regret coming back to the U.S.  because, “In life, you have to go through some struggles to get better.” His actions more than back up his words. He also explains the importance of creating a home culture where children can feel connected to parents as they learn to adapt and create a bridge between the parents and American culture.

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Resources Mentioned in Episode 12:

  • What is Radio oncology Physics? Medical physicists are concerned with three areas of activity: Clinical Service and Consultation, Research and Development, and Teaching. On the average their time is distributed equally among these three areas. (retrieved from
  • Dr. Undie’s Favorite Read:
    “Keep Moving, Never Look Back” by Melvin Ward

Major Take-Away from Episode 12:

“Keep Moving, Never Look Back! Use the past to go forward not as a crush to fall behind.” – @dr.williamundie
  • If you come from a rich family, it may be better to go back. You may not appreciate the difficulties that come with being here.
  • No matter where you go, be ready to face obstacles.
  • Keep your integrity. There is no quick way to get rich.
  • Avoid lazy people. Surround yourself with people that will lift you up.
  • Don’t use your past as an excuse to not move forward.
  • One reliable place to get great information is on the resources section of

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Bassey Simon

Bassey Simon is a full-time Digital Strategist, Business Owner, Creator, and Host of The Nadvigators Podcast - Nadvigating the American Dream with Bassey Simon. As a Nadvigator himself, he started his own nadvigating journey as a Janitor in a suburban Maryland furniture store where he was told that he could not have a furniture sales job because "he did not have work experience in the USA." After only two weeks of working there, he became a sales associate, and within the next two weeks become the top sales associate in the company, and remained there for the next 3 months until he left to pursue his passion in Information Technology with various technology companies including Microsoft sales office in Washington DC. and Verizon Communication, where he worked for nine years. In addition, since 2008, Bassey has started and run several successful businesses with interest in facility management, oil and gas procurement solutions, international procurement agency, and currently owns Basim Digital Lab. a full-service Technology Services company specializing in Low-Cost but highly effective Doctors Office Patient Check in System, Event Management & Events Live Streaming Service, Reputation Marketing, Social Selling implementation, Video Ads & Display Ads optimization, and cold traffic and re-targeting solutions for SMEs using proprietary 10x re-targeting strategies.
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