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The Nadvigators Podcast Inspiring Stories of Immigrants

Episode 02

Welcome to The Nadvigators Podcast (NPT). How do you say NADVigator? Who are the Nadvigators? The creator and Host of TNP share his perspectives about the Nadvigators and the Nadcast project. Share your opinion on what topics you will like us to cover.

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Who is a NADVigator? – Part 2  of NADvigating the American Dream Podcast Introduction by Host Bassey Simon

Hi there, fellow NADvigators! Welcome to NADCast.  Nadcast goal is to create a legacy for generations yet unborn. Some stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some will inspire and motivate you. Ultimately, Nadcast will present Many Stories but with One goal – helping you navigate the American dream along the way to living the American dream, whatever, that dream means to you. What’s your story? [tie_index]Subscribe to NADCast[/tie_index]

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Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | iHearts | Soundcloud You are A Nadvigator if you are: [tie_list type=”checklist”]
  • A new immigrant to the United States within the past 40 years
  • Return to the united states as an adult (18+ years) after you grew up at your parents country
  • Was born in the USA to an immigrant
  • A host family or friend of a NADvigator.
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Resources Mentioned from Episode 001:

Single Story Syndrome – Learn more about the single story syndrome [tie_index]Major Key Points from Episode[/tie_index]

Major Key Points from Episode:

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  • Most recent immigrants to come to the US with only a few items
  • Be careful with the effect of a single story syndrome. It may hinder your progress. Always be open to ask questions if you are not confident that the information that you are receiving from your primary sources may not be helpful.
  • Information is available to all. You must seek out the information.
  • One reliable place to get great information is on the resources section of
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About NADCast Show Notes

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  • Almost all newly arrived immigrants to the USA are given instruction from a single source, usually from their initial host families or close relatives. This results in limited knowledge and may lead to single story syndrome which then leads to misdirection, or fragmented information and painfully unrealized dreams
  • Besides the interview style program, from time to time, I will bring different experts to the show, to teach specific skills ranging from home ownership, to credit, to education, and everything in-between that a new immigrant will need to survive in their new adoptive country.
  • The goal of this podcast is to give recent immigrants the benefit of learning from those who came before. It provides a central repository of a wide variety, a greater body of knowledge to any recent, or longtime immigrant that may still be stuck in single story syndrome.
  •  The goal of NADcast platform is to unlock and leverage all the collective experiences of successful and unsuccessful immigrants (learning from their perceived mistakes), to help those who follow.
  • First generation children born to immigrants will benefit from information that will be shared here on the nadcast platform. They are the third group that this platform is meant to serve.
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