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Author: Bassey Simon

Episode 06

Dr. Nsima Usen was told by a doctor, 22 years ago, while he was trying to do his landscaping job, that he is not allowed to enter the physician’s lounge of a suburban Washington DC hospital because “he is not

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Episode 05

Take the challenge you receive along your nadvigating journey as an opportunity to learn and rediscover yourself, with Dr. Nsima Usen

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Episode 04

The last part of The Nadvigators Podcast introduction Monologue by Platform creator and host. Exploring the five Broad Vision of the Resources section of the Podcast Platform by Host Bassey Simon

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Episode 03

The Nadvigators Podcast Introduction – Host monologue. The why of the TNP and what is in a name, Nadvigators, and Nadcast? Find out and share your thoughts.

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Episode 02

Welcome to The Nadvigators Podcast (NPT). How do you say NADVigator? Who are the Nadvigators? The creator and Host of TNP share his perspectives about the Nadvigators and the Nadcast project. Share your opinion on what topics you will like

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