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Author: Bassey Simon

Episode 16

Thembi Bheka’s success Principle “Surround yourself with people of your culture when you first move to your new country, but it is necessary to broaden your horizons to become part of the bigger picture, because  “your net worth is your

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Episode 15

Even in a thin coat and freezing weather, she felt a hope in Canada she had never experienced in Zimbabwe. She also learned about lettuce when she ate salad for the first time.

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Episode 14

Even after 25 years in the United States still gets the butterfly watching how Americans respect emergency vehicles and wish she can take that culture back to Columbia.

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Episode 13

Liliana Rogers jumped from an airplane in June 2017 to conquer her fear of heights that paralyzed her for over 25 years. Born in Columbia to a middle-class family. Was always eager to travel the world since she was a

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Episode 12

This professor of Radio Oncology never believed he was too good for any job and spent time as a pizza delivery man, a construction worker, and even a dishwasher at a restaurant. Certainly, his own children find it hard to

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