About NADvigating the American Dream Podcast With Bassey Simon

About NADvigating the American Dream Podcast & NADCast Platform

Hi there, NADvigators!

I am Bassey Simon Obot,  but I prefer to go by Bassey Simon on this platform.

I am the founder, host, and the Captain of Nadvigators, the American Dream Platform or simply NADCast. NADCast is a podcast and/or videocast where I interview inspiring NADvigators and bring you their stories four days weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to explore and documents their untold stories as they Navigate the American Dream!

I know many people have an inspiring story of their American dream journey. Or, quite simply, some people do not consider their story as an epic one, regardless of how you see yours, my goal is to help you tell your American dream story.  There is always something unique and some hidden gems behind every Nadvigators story that is told. You never know who your story will inspire and propel to take action that will alter the course of their journey.

NADCast is not only reserved for those who have succeeded in every measure of the American dream scale, but it also represents all Nadvigators – the wildly successful, and for those finding that your journey seems like a failure, or if you are just wondering if the idea of Nadvigating was the right decision for you and your posterity. Your story of success or presumed failure will serve a catalyst to those who hear it, leading them to their path of success.

NADCast is a community where fellow NADvigators will find and dispell common misconceptions about what the American dream is.

The NADCast platform goal is to create a legacy for generations yet unborn by telling the stories of modern-day explorers of the new world. I am convinced that there are so many hidden stories of triumphs and resilience in each of the NADvigators’ journey. I can promise you that some of these stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some will inspire and motivate you as you get a glimpse into some of the life of the NADvigators that I will be honored to host on this platform.

Ultimately, NADCast will present many Stories with One Object in mind – helping you navigate your American dream whatever that dream means to you. Did you come here to escape persecution, or, as a tourist and found America to be a better place, and you pitched your tent? Did you come here for employment, or did you made a conscious decision to just relocate to this new land?

Whatever the case may be, you have a story. Something that drove your decision, are you ready to tell or to hear from the experience of others? Are you ready to create a legacy for your posterity and the world?  If so, you are are in the right place. You have a company here on this platform. You are a NADvigator.

And then, What’s your story?

Are you a NADvigator?

Probably yes. You are a Nadvigator if you are:

  • An immigrant to the United States within the past 40 years
  • A first generation immigrant who migrated to the united states as an adult (18+ years) at any time
  • An American born Nadvigator – these are the first generation American born children of immigrants

The NADvigator Challenges:

Almost all newly arrived immigrants to the United States are faced with one or two challenge when they arrive.  Many of us usually end up getting American survival education from a single source. Usually from host families or close relatives. And some may be lucky to walk right into an existing community that is ready to help. Yet, most don’t have such privileges, and their American dream journeys start from a place of uncertainty.  Because of the lack of coordinated information source, many of us fall into the challenge of growing out of a single story syndrome.  This single story phenomenon may end up causing the death of broad knowledge which then leads to misdirection, or fragmented information and painfully unrealized dreams.

The NADvigator Nation:

The goal of the NADCast platform is to give recent immigrants the benefit of learning from those who came before. It provides a central repository of a wide variety, a greater body of knowledge to any recent, or longtime immigrant that may still be stuck in a single story syndrome. The aim is to unlock and leverage all the collective experiences of successful and unsuccessful immigrants (learning from their perceived mistakes), to help those who follow them, especially these immigrants first generation born children in America.

Besides the interview style program, from time to time, I will bring different experts to the platform, to teach specific skills ranging from home ownership to credit, to education transition, and everything in-between that a new immigrant will need to survive in their new adoptive country.

About me and My Story

I am a regular guy who just loves people. I love history and how it helps to shape our world. My best type of movies to watch are documentaries and reality shows. I guess its so obvious why. I absolutely enjoy the human experience and how we are all connected in this one unending circle of life. I derive greatest joy and fulfillment when I am can provide useful information to people.  I love to read books, history, and not too surprisingly, biographies.

I started listening to the podcast since its early beginnings several years ago. I consider myself as a podcast addict.  I like that addiction better than the other ones, you get the drift, right?.  However, it’s still an addition which I try to control sometimes.

I assume you will like to hear my story at some point. But this platform is not about me. It’s about all of us, the modern day explorers of the new world, the Nadvigators. I will tell my story at an appointed time. When is that time? I don’t know, but it will happen someday. For now, enjoy the ride with me as we delve into the lives of the amazing guest that I will share their story weekly.   That’s precisely 4 to 8 fresh, new and never before heard stories of courage, triumphs, failures, and everything in-between every month.  I think we are going to be building something lasting and inspiring here together.

Jump in and stay connected with me and the community.  Subscribe, like and share NADCast with your friends and community. If you will like to be on the show yourself or know of someone that you feel their story has inspired you and you like others to hear it, please complete the Guest request form and we’ll be onto it right away.

Welcome to your new community!